Other Legal Services

At David I. Warren Barrister & Solicitor, our experienced lawyer can provide legal advice and representation in the following areas of law. Contact our lawyer to know more about the legal services we provide.

Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property

We occasionally handle Entertainment Law matters and consultations on Intellectual Property issues. David’s thirty years involvement with Artists’ Legal Advice Services has given him an insight into the needs of artists of all disciplines.

Corporate Law

I have incorporated many companies, both of the standard for-profit and not-for-profit varieties, often in consultation with the company’s accountant or accountants. I have also prepared annual minutes and done other maintenance of corporate records, again usually guided by the company’s accountant.

ODSP Appeals

I have handled over fifty appeals to the Social Benefits Tribunal, when the applicant has been turned down by the Ontario Disability Support Plan for Benefits. My success rate is quite high. Unfortunately, however, these appeals are no longer funded by Legal Aid so I would require a retainer to pursue your appeal.

Legal Aid

I accept Legal Aid Certificates for Family Law (Domestic) matters and for Child Protection matters. Please talk to me before giving my name to Legal Aid as your lawyer. I do not Certify in Criminal Law matters. I have not practiced criminal law in over twenty years.

Free consultation

I am pleased to offer a free thirty minute consultation to discuss the nature of your issue, to determine whether it is a legal matter or can most effectively be dealt with in other ways. We can also discuss I am the best lawyer to handle your matter or whether I should refer you to people who focus on other areas of law. Once we have determined that you might wish to hire me, we can discuss what a legal retainer is and how much money you would need.

Contact our wills and power of attorney lawyer in Toronto, ON at David I. Warren Barrister & Solicitor, for all of your legal needs across Toronto and the surrounding areas.